Model Event Handlers

You can add, edit, or view properties of a Life Cycle or Model event handler.

Life Cycle Event Handlers

Life cycle events are those that occur outside the context of a host session.

Model Event Handlers

Model events are those that occur when a host session is active, but are not limited to a particular component such as an entity or attribute.

Adding and Viewing Event Handlers

Use the options below to create, edit, attach, and view properties of an model event handler or a life cycle event handler.

Click this button to create a new event handler for the life cycle or model. You can also select among other event handlers for the life cycle or model that have been created. The selected event handler is attached to the life cycle or model when you click OK.

Click the Edit button to open the event handler in your default editor.

Click the Properties button to view event handler properties.


The following buttons are also available:

OK—Click to accept the selections you have made.

Cancel—Click to retain the previously saved values in this dialog box.

Help—Click to view the online help for this dialog box.