Copy Entity

You can copy entities you have already created. This is a fast way to build models that contain multiple occurrences of similar screens.

To Copy an Entity

  1. Click Copy From on the options list next to the Entity button. This option is available when you are at an undefined screen.

  2. Select the entity to copy.

    On the left side of the Copy Entity object dialog box is a list of entities within this model. Entities that cannot be copied are marked with a red X.

  3. Confirm that this item can be copied as you expect.

    The right pane's Snapshot tab includes a snapshot of the selected entity. The Entity tab shows the name of the source entity and the objects within the entity.

    The Copy status column indicates if the entity can be copied. If an object cannot be copied (for example, you are trying to copy an attribute from a 132 column entity to an 80 column entity), an error icon is displayed.

  4. Click Copy.

  5. Edit the resulting entity. As a minimum, you must identify a signature that uniquely identifies the entity. It cannot have the same signature as the source entity you copied from. Modify any patterns that are defined for the source entity and are not present in the target entity. They are listed with a red X to the left of the pattern name.