Event Handler Settings: Environment

Use the Environment tab in the Event Handler Settings dialog box to configure your event handler development environment.

Note: Other properties for event handling can be stored in properties files.

Default event handler timeout

This is the event handler timeout used when a timeout is not specified for a particular event. The default is 10 seconds. If the event handler exceeds this timeout when processing an event, a timeout error is generated. This setting requires that event timeout be enabled. This setting is saved as part of the model.

Client application credentials

These options specify client application credentials sent to an event handler when a client connection event is simulated by the Design Tool. They are stored in the model file, but they cannot be saved as part of a settings file (.dtool).

The test parameters for User name and Password are used to supply the credentials for an Authenticate user event in a life cycle event handler. When using the Session Server, credentials are supplied by a client connection as the "userid" and "password" parameters to a Connect method.