Starting and Stopping a Debug Trace

Debug traces provide technical support personnel a means to diagnose internal problems with Verastream Host Integrator. You should not create internal traces unless instructed to do so by a technical support technician.

If you are experiencing problems with Verastream Host Integrator, check out the information on obtaining technical support.

At the instruction of a technical support technician, you should already have selected the datastream traces to be recorded in the Configure Internal Trace dialog box.

To start and stop a debug trace:

  1. Click the Debug menu, point to Debug Trace and select Start Debug Trace.
    The Start Debug Trace dialog box opens.
  2. Enter a name for trace file in the File name box.
  3. Click Start.
    From this point forward, all data transmissions to and from the host are recorded.
  4. To stop the trace, click the Debug menu, point to Debug Trace and select Stop Debug Trace.