General Properties for Advanced Recordset Fields

The General tab of the Advanced Recordset Field Properties dialog box provides the following options:

Event Handler

Use the options below to create, edit, attach, and view properties of a recordset field event handler, which can include the events described here.

Click this button to create a new event handler for the recordset field. Use the list to select an existing recordset field event handler. The selected event handler is attached to the recordset field when you click OK.

Click the Edit button to open the event handler in your default editor.

Click the Properties button to view event handler properties.

Field description

Type a description of the selected recordset field. This data is included in Web Builder projects or any documentation generated using Export options.


The following buttons are also available:

Close—Click to close this dialog box. If you have made changes, click Apply after exiting the dialog box.

Revert—Click to restore the previously saved values in this dialog box.

Help—Click to view the online help for this dialog box.