Deploy to Local Server

Click Deploy to Local Server on the File menu to automatically deploy the current model to your local Host Integrator Server. You can also deploy by clicking the Deploy to local server toolbar button ( )on the Terminal window. By default, when both the Design Tool and the server are on the same machine, the Design Tool uses the same folder for models that the Host Integrator Server uses.

You can also deploy a model to an alternate test server.

Follow these steps configure a new model or activate changes made to an existing model on the local Host Integrator Server:

  1. Click Deploy to Local Server on the File menu.

    Any Deployment Options you have defined for the model are used.

  2. Click Deploy.

  3. If you have not already saved your new model, the Save dialog box opens. Save your model by entering a model name in the File name box and clicking OK.

    If security is enabled, you will be prompted for a user name and password.

  4. The Design Tool displays a message indicating that the model was successfully deployed to the local Host Integrator Server.

Note: If you are redeploying an existing model, make sure that the Administrative WebStation is not in config mode.