Operation Event

The event available for creating event handlers associated with operations is described below. Review the API documentation for operation events for more information.

Execute operation

Execute Operation

The Execute Operation event is fired whenever an operation execution is requested.

Possible uses:


The Execute Operation event is required to leave the terminal on a screen recognized as a valid outcome of the operation. Upon return, the operation iteratively checks for arrival at a valid destination a valid location is found, an invalid location is found, or the operation times out.

The default callback for an operation executes the command list, destination processing, and post-condition logic as defined by the model.

The WaitForArrival callback processes primary, alternate, and error destinations, waiting for one of them to be found. This continues until the event times out, the callback-specified wait interval expires, or a destination is recognized.

Host Integrator does not process terminal input while the event handler is executing logic. The host data is processed into the terminal only during callbacks to Host Integrator. At the points where the operation needs to wait for the host to "catch up," inserting wait events or other callbacks is necessary.