Troubleshooting Attribute Write Caching

The attribute write caching feature enables you to store and write attribute data from the Design Tool before deploying your model to a Host Integrator Server. Testing this feature is a helpful debugging tool that allows you to execute an attribute write test from within the Design Tool that simulates the capabilities of the SetAttributes method provided with the Verastream Connector APIs. This simulation is accomplished in the Design Tool by using UpdateAttribute and UpdateAttributes commands in conjunction with attribute input commands in operations. By simulating these calls, you can accurately test these methods with the model before using the connectors to create a client application.

In order for the attribute write caching feature to work properly, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Cache all attribute writes check box. To enable this feature for operations originating on a particular entity, select the Cache all attribute writes check box on the General tab of the Advanced Entity Properties dialog box. To globally use this feature in your model, select this same option on the Entity tab of the Preferences Setup dialog box.
  2. Record operations in the Operation Edit dialog box to query that contain the following commands:

Note: When the Cache all attribute writes check box is selected, the Design Tool will not write attributes to the terminal screen unless an UpdateAttributes command or a series of UpdateAttribute commands is included in the attribute input operation.

To execute a write attribute test:

  1. Select an entity that contains configured attributes, open the Attributes Test dialog box, and click the Write tab. The names of the attributes configured on the selected entity appear in the Name column.
  2. Select a configured operation from the Operation list to test and click the Execute button. Note: Make sure the selected operation includes an UpdateAttribute or UpdateAttributes command.
  3. If the operation successfully navigates to its expected destination and writes the cached attribute values to the terminal screen, the model is working properly.