Model Examples

Several model examples are included in the Development Kit installation and are located in your \<VHI install directory>\models folder. Each model emulates a different host application to provide an interactive example of how the Design Tool is used to create a model. To simulate this emulation, the Design Tool is used in conjunction with the Host Emulator. Before viewing a model example, make sure that the Design Tool is open and the Host Emulator is started.

The example models demonstrate strategies for modeling block mode 3270 applications and character mode VT applications. Some particularly important or difficult areas of these models are discussed to assist you in discovering solutions that will work for your host application. While each host application is unique, these techniques will help you avoid the most common problems. Look through all the examples for ideas about what you might want to use in your model.

You can also review examples for individual methods in the Visual Basic Methods Reference online help.

The following 3270 host application models are included in your installation and can be used with the Host Emulator:

The following models are included in the Development Kit installation, but cannot be used with the Host Emulator: