Start Position

The options in the Start position box specify the actual beginning position of the attribute on the terminal screen.

Choose from the following options under Start position:

Selection mode
Specifies what mode to use for the region selected on the terminal screen. Select Linear to use word processor style selection regions that wrap lines or Rectangular to use rectangular regions. The default is Rectangular.

In specified region
Default. Specifies that the current coordinates of the attribute. These coordinates are automatically generated and appear in the Row and Col boxes when in Rectangular mode. The Offset is automatically generated in Linear mode.

Relative to cursor
Specifies that the position for the selected attribute is based on the position of the cursor. When you select this option in Rectangular mode, the Design Tool calculates the Row and Col coordinates for you on the Attribute tab. The position coordinates are set based on attribute screen region and position type. When in Linear mode, the Offset is provided.

Relative to cursor means relative to initial cursor position, not relative to the current Terminal window cursor position. If you select Relative to cursor, click Update Initial Cursor Position on the Model menu to change the initial cursor position to the current cursor position. If you have configured any entity properties relative to a cursor position, these property coordinates will be automatically updated. Click Apply to save your changes or click Cancel to revert your initial cursor position back to its original state.

Relative to pattern
Specifies that the positioning of the attribute is relative to a pattern selected from the list. The coordinates are automatically generated and appear in the Row and Col boxes for Rectangular mode, or the Offset is provided in Linear mode.