Procedure Editor Symbols

The following symbols can appear in the procedure diagram pane in the Procedure Editor dialog box. When you select one of these symbols, the dialog box displays tabs on which you can review and change options specific to that symbol. See also the description of the procedure editor button bar.

This table's home entity.

Entity. Entities are used in procedures to define where in a host application the data can be found to satisfy SQL queries received from client applications.

Recordset. Recordsets are areas on an entity containing dynamically changing information, usually scrolling sets of data that are a result of a data fetch.

Error entity. Error Entities are screens containing patterns that tell you an error has occurred in the procedure. You can define error entities by purposely entering bad data in a host application and capturing the resulting screen as an entity. Adding one or more error entity to a procedure is a good way to build error checking into your model.  
An entity to which no valid route exists in the current procedure.

A valid operation. When you create a procedure, Host Integrator determines the operations necessary to navigate between the entities in a procedure.

Dynamic operation or return operation (back to the home entity).
Branch entities. There are times when traversal is not deterministic, for example, when an operation has alternate destinations defined. These alternate destinations can be added as branch entities in a procedure.

When the operation is executed at runtime, the path the procedure takes is determined by which branch entity is recognized once the operation completes. If none of the branch entities is recognized, the procedure fails.
An operation that contains an invalid operation or destination.
The Design Tool requires more information to be able to navigate between these entities.