Using Model Debug Messages

On the Debug menu, click Model Debug Messages to open the Model Debug Messages dialog box.

Locating and Solving a Synchronization Problem

If your model does not reach an expected entity or cursor location, review the model debug messages. The example below shows a sequence on a VT host for a PageDown operation.

The final message, indicating unexpected bytes received from the host, is a strong indicator of a synchronization problem with the host. By reviewing the messages preceding this message, you can narrow down the source of the problem.

The highlighted message, "Operation AddressBook.PageDown arrived at AddressBook (primary)" has the associated ending snapshot on the lower right:

With a PageDown operation, a full screen of data should have been processed, but the action and the associated snapshot shows only a subset of the host screen (with a gray overlay) was actually received.

To ensure that all the expected data is processed before proceeding, you can add a Wait command to the operation.

Note: There may be cases where a synchronization issue does not produce a message that unexpected bytes were received from the host, especially when running on the server. It's a good idea to look for partial operation snapshots similar to the one above whenever the model does not reach an expected entity or cursor location.