Deploying Models

As you create a model, you can deploy it to the Host Integrator Server on your workstation. However, once you move into production testing, you need to deploy your model to the Host Integrator Server that will handle the communication between the model and the host application. The procedures in Using the Design Tool to Deploy a Model describe how to deploy a model to a local Host Integrator Server using the Design Tool.

If your final deployment is to multiple production servers and involves one or more model configurations, use Host Integrator's new deployment commands to deploy a model package. These commands allow you to use scripts to automate a large-scale deployment. See Using Commands to Deploy a Model Package for more information.

The following figure illustrates Host Integrator's two deployment methods:

Note: If your integration solution includes a web application created with Host Integrator's Web Builder, you must also deploy the web application files. See Deploying a Verastream Web Application for more information.