Schema Builder for Verastream Interface for BizTalk Server

Schema Builder is a stand-alone wizard, available as part of the Verastream Interface for BizTalk® Server, that guides you through the process of creating a schema file (XSD) which connects to and interacts with a Verastream model. A BizTalk Orchestration Designer can incorporate the created schema into a BizTalk project, to manage communication between the Orchestration and the host application, through a Verastream Host Integrator model.

The Attachmate Verastream Interface for BizTalk Server links Microsoft BizTalk Orchestrations to data residing in IBM Mainframe, AS/400, HP, and VT hosts. With the Verastream Interface for BizTalk Server, you can design and execute BizTalk Orchestrations that access host applications without leaving the BizTalk environment.

Installation Requirements

Schema Builder Wizard Panels


The following software must be installed on the computer where you will install Schema Builder:

Installing and Running Schema Builder

If Biztalk is detected on a machine, Schema Builder is installed automatically as part of the typical Host Integrator Development and Server Kit installation. If you add BizTalk after Host Integrator is installed, you can add the Schema Builder manually by running Setup again. Choose the Custom/Modify option and select Schema Builder under Interface for BizTalk Server.

Running Schema Builder

To run Schema Builder, from the Windows Start menu:

Programs > Attachmate Verastream > Host Integrator > Schema Builder

Alternatively, you can run Schema Builder from the Tools menu in Visual Studio.NET.

Choose a Verastream Model

This panel identifies the Host Integrator model that your BizTalk Orchestration will connect to and interact with.

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Configure Model Variables

If the model you specified in the previous panel contains writeable model variables, you can specify values for those variables here.

By default, all models contain at least two writeable variables: userID and password. You do not have to use these variables, even if your model uses them. It is not necessary to replace the default values in Schema Builder. In fact, it would be unwise to enter sensitive data in this location because the resulting schema is not encrypted. If you want to store sensitive data such as a password, it is a better idea to create model variable lists as part of the Verastream server configuration, or to force the input document to pass a valid value.

Values that you provide in the Schema Builder supersede any default values you provided in the model, but are in turn superseded by any values that might be provided in an XML document passed to the Verastream Interface from BizTalk.

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Choose Access Method

Use this panel to specify how your schema will interact with the Verastream model.

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Set Parameters

Note: If you selected Process String in the previous panel, you do not have to specify parameters and you will move directly to the Save Schema panel.

If you selected a Table Procedure, use this panel to specify the appropriate inputs and outputs for the procedure. Parameters vary depending on the type of procedure selected.

Parameter values you provide can be superseded by values in the XML document passed to the model by BizTalk. However, the specification of which parameters are to be provided cannot be superseded.

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Save Schema

Use the fields in this panel to specify file names and a description for the two schemas you are generating:

These two properties, which are within the status element, are consequently accessible within BizTalk Orchestration expressions.

The Schema Builder provides default file names that specify the model name, table name, and procedure name.

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