Field Attributes and Color Constants

The method getXMLText (public java.lang.String getXMLText()) creates an XML document that specifies the text, colors, fields, and field attributes of a terminal screen. These attributes are also valuable if you want to understand or modify the XSLT used to create the green terminal screen.

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Attributes and Color Constants

The XML document references these attributes:

Field attributes

This attribute Has this value
BL Blinking text
CO Column separated (AS/400)
Hi Hidden
Hn High Intensity
In Input (unprotected)
Nu Numeric
Pe Pen detectable (3270)
Re Reverse video
Un Underscore
CLR color
Ofs Offset
Len Length
MDT Field-modified

Color constants

This color constant Has this value
Red Host red
Blu Host blue
Pnk Host pink
Grn Host green
Tur Host turquoise (cyan)
Ylw Host yellow
Wht Host white
SL Status line (AS/400)
PNA Protected/Normal/Alpha
PNN Protected/Normal/Numeric
PHA Protected/Highlight/Alpha
PHN Protected/Highlight/Numeric
UNA Unprotected/Normal/Alpha
UNN Unprotected/Normal/Numeric
UHA Unprotected/Highlight/Alpha
UHN Unprotected/Highlight/Numeric
ML Message line (AS/400)
EL Error line (AS/400)
SR Sys request (AS/400)