Java Application Requirements

The Java Connector's .jar files require the Java Runtime Environment version 1.4.2 or later. When you install the Host Integrator Development Kit, a copy of the JRE version 5 is installed in the <VHI install folder>\JRE\bin folder.

See J2SE 5.0 Supported System Configurations for information on the Java Sun Site or Download and service information for AIX.

You must install the Java Connector on any machine that will run a Java application that uses either the Java connector or the JDBC connector. If you use any of these, you must add apptrieve.jar, vhiprop.jar, and wcp.jar (in <VHI install folder>\lib\java) to the CLASSPATH environment variable. On a Windows computer the command might look like this:

CLASSPATH=c:\Program Files\VHI\lib\java\apptrieve.jar;c:\Program Files\VHI\lib\java\vhiprop.jar;
c:\Program Files\VHI\lib\java\wcp.jar

On a UNIX computer, the command might look like this:


In this example, usr/local/vhi is the install directory. You can install to any directory other than the root.