The AppConn Class Library

The file apptrieve.jar contains the class libraries for the Java and JDBC connectors. The AppConn Java methods are documented in a set of Javadoc HTML files installed with the SDK. To view these files, you need Internet Explorer 6.0 SP 2 or later, Mozilla 1.7.3 for non-Windows platforms. View the methods reference in a new browser window.

The AppConn Java interface is implemented through the following classes:


This class contains methods that manage model- and terminal-level tasks like connecting and disconnecting from the Host Integrator Server, navigating to and fetching entities and attributes, performing operations, and managing host application model variables. It also contains methods that perform table-level tasks, such as executing SQL statements and performing procedures.


This contains methods that access the data fields returned by access methods in the AppConnSession class.


This class contains methods that access data records returned by the fetch methods in the AppConnSession class. It always contains a collection of either AppConnRecord or AppConnModelRecord objects.


These libraries contain methods that help you manage exceptions and errors.