AppConn Java Examples

You can use the Web Builder tool to create Java projects, based on the "demo" models provided with Verastream Host Integrator, and then examine the Java code in your projects to see how the Java connector works.

Pacific Department Stores Demo

The Pacific Department Stores web front-end provides users with a simple, easy-to-use interface to a mainframe application. The mainframe application's business processing is accessed through a Verastream model.

The demo is deployed to the local server and uses the Host Emulator to simulate the mainframe application. Before you run the demo, make sure that the localhost server is running in the Host Emulator. See Setting the Directory Server for instructions on loading a new directory server.

To run the Pacific Department Stores demo:

  1. Type or paste this URL into your browser: http://localhost:8081/PacificDepartmentStores.

  2. Login as a CSR (Customer Services Representative).

  3. Display, modify, or add customer accounts.

    Because the mainframe application is just a simulation in this case, available data is limited to customers with names beginning with K or W, and to account numbers 20000 through 20004.