Verastream Host Integrator Connectors and APIs

VHI connectors are collections of runtime objects, APIs, and libraries that will help you develop efficient client/server and Web applications that integrate host data, by means of the Host Integrator server, into various development environments.

Client/server and Web applications access data from, and input data to, a host application, by making calls to Host Integrator Server using a Host Integrator API. Upon receiving a client request, Host Integrator server instantiates a session with the host system using the logic stored in the model. Host Integrator Server navigates through the host application, fetches the requested data, and returns it to the client in a form native to the client development environment.

There are connectors available for a variety of programming languages and environments:

Examples and Documentation

Along with a complete description of the interface, each connector contains one or more example programs. Each example program connects to a demonstration host application model and performs some simple tasks to demonstrate programmatically how to connect to a host application model, start and end a host session, and manage host application data.

API documentation is provided for the Java, C, and .NET connectors. A Visual Basic API reference is provided for the COM connector, though COM supports additional programming tools, including C++, JScript, and VBScript. A J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) Resource Adapter provides managed and secure host access for J2EE applications.

Additional Host Integrator APIs

There are references for two additional Host Integrator APIs available: