Package com.wrq.vhi.script.api

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Interface Summary
ApplyFilterEvent Apply filter event information.
AttributeEvent Attribute event information.
AuthenticateUserEvent Authenticate user event information.
ClientConnectedEvent Client connected event information.
ClientDisconnectedEvent Client disconnected event information.
ClientSession Provides information about the currently connected client.
ClientSessionCreatedEvent Client session created event information.
ClientSessionDestroyedEvent Client session destroyed event information.
EntityArrivalEvent Entity arrival event information.
EntityDepartureEvent Entity departure event information.
EntityEvent Entity event information.
EntityMoveCursorEvent Entity move cursor event information.
ErrorReportedEvent Error reported event information.
Event Base interface for script events.
EventHandler Tag interface that identifies a class as a VHI script event handler.
ExecuteLoginEvent Execute login event information.
ExecuteLogoutEvent Execute logout event information.
ExecuteOperationEvent Execute operation event information.
ExecuteProcedureEvent Execute procedure event information.
FieldEvent Field event information.
FieldLocation Specifies the location of a field within a recordset record.
FormatErrorEvent Format error event information.
GetCurrentHostRecordEvent Get current host record event information.
GetRecordTypeEvent Get record type event information.
HostSession Provides information about a host session and allows for the manipulation of the terminal at various levels (direct, model, table).
HostSessionCreatedEvent Host session created event information.
HostSessionDestroyedEvent Host session destroyed event information.
HostSessionEvent Host session event information.
InsertRecordEvent Insert record event information.
IsTerminatedEvent Is terminated event information.
LifeCycleEvent Life cycle event information.
LinearTerminalRegion Represents a linear terminal region.
Logger Provides access to the VHI logging facilities.
ModelContext Provides information about the model and a model scoped shared storage.
ModelCursorEvent Model cursor event information.
ModelEvent Model event information.
ModelLoadedEvent Model loaded event information.
ModelMoveCursorBackwardEvent Model move cursor backward event information.
ModelMoveCursorEvent Model move cursor event information.
ModelMoveCursorForwardEvent Model move cursor forward event information.
ModelRecord A record in a ModelRecordSet.
ModelRecordSet The result of fetching records from a recordset in a model.
ModelUnloadedEvent Model unloaded event information.
MutableProcedureRecord A ProcedureRecord whose contents can be modified.
MutableProcedureRecordSet A ProcedureRecordSet whose contents can be modified.
ParseRecordEvent Parse record event information.
ParseScreenEvent Parse screen event information.
ProcedureParameters Input filter and data parameters for a procedure.
ProcedureRecord A record in a ProcedureRecordSet.
ProcedureRecordSet The result of executing a table procedure.
ProcessStringEvent Process string event information.
ReadAttributeEvent Read attribute event information.
ReadFieldEvent Read field event information.
Record A record in a RecordSet.
RecordEvent Record event information.
RecordLocation Specifies the location of a record within a recordset.
RecordSet A table of data.
RecordSetContext Stores state information for a recordset and its records.
RecordSetEvent Record set event information.
RecordSetScreen A record set that describes the contents of the current screen.
RectangularTerminalRegion Represents a rectangular terminal region.
RemoteHostSession A host session connector that can be used to connect to a different model from within an event handler.
ScriptHostSession Provides information about the scripted host session and allows for the manipulation of the terminal at various levels (direct, model, table).
TerminalCell Represents a character on the terminal screen.
TerminalRegion Provides information about a region of the terminal screen.
UnrecognizedScreenEvent Unrecognized screen event information.
UpdateRecordEvent Update record event information.
WriteAttributeEvent Write attribute event information.
WriteAttributesEvent Write attributes event information.
WriteFieldEvent Write field event information.

Class Summary
AttributeEventHandler Abstract base class for an attribute event listener.
CursorPosition An immutable class that represents a cursor position on a screen.
EntityEventHandler Abstract base class for an entity event handler.
EventInfo Immutable object that provides information about an event in progress.
FieldEventHandler Abstract base class for a field event listener.
LifeCycleEventHandler Abstract base class for a lifecycle event handler.
ModelEventHandler Abstract base class for a model event handler.
OperationEventHandler Abstract base class for an operation event handler.
ProcedureEventHandler Abstract base class for a procedure event handler.
RecordSetEventHandler Abstract base class for a recordset event handler.
ScreenSize An immutable class that represents the size of the terminal screen.

Exception Summary
EventTimeoutException Describes timeouts that occur during the event handling.

Package com.wrq.vhi.script.api Description

This is the com.wrq.vhi.script.api package summary.