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HostIntegratorSession.PerformTableProcedure Method (String, String, IDictionary, Boolean)

Performs a SELECT or a DELETE procedure on a table defined in the model.

public DataSet PerformTableProcedure(
   string tableName,
   string procedureName,
   IDictionary filterValues,
   bool filterIsCaseSensitive


Specifies the name of the table on which to perform the procedure.
Specifies the name of the table procedure to perform.
Specifies a set of filter column name-value pairs to use.
Specifies whether the filter comparison should be case sensitive.

Return Value

This method returns the result of a SELECT procedure. If no data match the specified conditions, this method returns an empty DataSet.


Performs a SELECT procedure on a table defined in the model.


Exception TypeCondition
HostIntegratorModelDefExceptionThrown if a reference is made to a non-existent table, procedure, or table column
HostIntegratorConnectorExceptionThrown if client is not connected
HostIntegratorExceptionThrown if the connection is for metadata only
HostIntegratorServerExceptionThrown if an error occurs while performing the procedure

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