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HostIntegratorSession.ConnectToSession Method (String, String, String, String, IDictionary)

Establishes a connection to a Host Integrator server and creates or allocates a host session with the specified session pool. This version of ConnectToSession presents a user ID and a password, to establish authorization on the Host Integrator server, and also provides a set of model variables, to set upon connection.

public virtual void ConnectToSession(
   string server,
   string session,
   string userid,
   string password,
   IDictionary modelVariables


Specifies the name of the Host Integrator server. This value can be a DNS name or an IP address.
Specifies a Host Integrator session pool.
Specifies a user ID to present to the Host Integrator server.
Specifies a password to present to the Host Integrator server.
Specifies model variables to set on connection.


Reasons for failure include:


Exception TypeCondition
HostIntegratorConnectorExceptionThrown if already connected
HostIntegratorChannelExceptionThrown if the client connection attempt fails
HostIntegratorTimeoutExceptionThrown if the client connection times out waiting for a response from the VHI server
HostIntegratorServerExceptionThrown if the server refuses a client connection attempt
HostIntegratorServerExceptionThrown if the requested model or session is not available
HostIntegratorServerExceptionThrown if the host connection does not succeed

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