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ElementLocation Properties

The properties of the ElementLocation class are listed below. For a complete list of ElementLocation class members, see the ElementLocation Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

ElementType Gets the type of element. This can be one of the following:
  • ELEMENT_TYPE_ATTRIBUTE - an entity attribute
  • ELEMENT_TYPE_PATTERN - an entity pattern
  • ELEMENT_TYPE_FIELD - a recordset field
  • ELEMENT_TYPE_RECORDSET - a recordset
  • ELEMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN - unknown element
LeftColumn Gets the location of the left column of an element.
Length Gets the length of an element.
Name Gets the name of an element.
NumColumns Gets the number of columns for an element.
NumRows Gets the number of rows for an element.
Offset Gets the offset for an element.
RegionType Gets the type of region for an element.
TopRow Gets the location of the top row flag for an element.

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