Customizing Verastream Web Applications

The Web application you generate in Web Builder is a basic application that works well for testing models, prototyping, and providing sample code that you can use in your production Web applications. You can determine the behavior and style of this basic Web application by adjusting properties in the model and Web Builder project, and selecting a theme.

When these straightforward style and behavior adjustments aren't enough, you can take full control of how data is displayed for procedures and screens by using the Custom Page and Custom Content options in Web Builder.

How do I change the behavior and look of my Web application?

There are two levels of customization available to you:

Standard Options

You determine the behavior and style of the generated Web application by a combination of settings in the model and in the Web Builder project.

In the model

Core functionality such as procedures, which screens are modeled, and recordsets are defined in the model. You also configure the names of entities, attributes, operations, and recordsets in the model. You deploy the created or updated model to a session server or export it for use in a Web Builder project.

In Web Builder

You define the platform on which the Web application will run, decide what the contents and behavior of the Web application will be, and refine the look and feel of the Web application from inside Web Builder. Choosing a platform is always the primary decision, and once that is determined, then you can configure:

Advanced or Custom Options

In the model and Web Builder, there are three options available to you to customize your Web application beyond the basic options described above. You can:

Custom Pages

Use custom pages to take complete control over the content shown for recognized entities, unrecognized screens, and procedures. Control is essentially handed over to pages that you have written to meet your needs.

Importing Custom Content

You can import additional resources for your Web application using this feature. You can specify a folder containing any custom content you would like to import and the Web Builder build process will copy them into your Web application. For example, you can import custom pages, images, and additional libraries.

Creating a custom theme

The "theme" of a Web application has a significant impact on the its overall look and feel. Because of this, multiple themes are included in the product and it is easy to customize existing themes, as well as create new ones. These themes are visible in the user interface.

How do I?

For examples on how to customize both themes and Web applications, see: