Configuring Web Builder and Project Properties

You can customize how Web Builder generates a project by setting project properties. Set default properties for each type of project, or set properties for specific, individual projects.


Default Project Properties

Web Builder generates a project based on the default settings for that project type. To modify default project properties:

  1. Click Project > Default Project Properties to open the Default Project Properties dialog box.
  2. Select the project type to configure on the left.
  3. Make changes to the properties on the right. The available properties depend on the type of project.

Any new project you generate uses the new settings.


Project Properties for Specific Projects

To configure properties for a specific project prior to building that project, click Properties on the New Project dialog box and enter information into the Project Properties dialog box.

To configure properties for a specific project after the project has been created, right-click the project and select Properties, or click Properties on the Web Builder menu. The project will automatically rebuild to incorporate the property changes.


Configuring Project Properties

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