Web Builder Overview

Web Builder is a component of the Host Integrator Development Kit that enables you to generate and deploy web applications, component interfaces, and web services from a Host Integrator model. Web Builder uses the model to complete the encapsulation process that enables you to write new applications using legacy functionality.

Web Builder provides a variety of abstraction levels that enable you to deliver host functionality in the appropriate format for your business needs.


Accessing Web Builder

Web Builder is installed with the Verastream® Host Integrator Development Kit.

To open Web Builder:


Web Builder Interface

Web Builder Menu Options -
Review the list of options available on the Web Builder menu.

Visual Indicators in Web Builder -
Use this chart to identify the functionality of the Web Builder icons.


Web Builder Features

Building Web Builder projects -
Learn the difference between rejuvenation and integration projects, and see the list of projects you can build.

Configuring Web Builder and Project Properties -
Provide default settings that Web Builder uses to create projects.

Generating Web Builder projects -
Review the steps for building a project.

Customizing web applications -
Learn how to customize the web application generated by Web Builder

Deploying web applications -
Learn how to deploy a web application into a production environment.

Using Verastream component interfaces -
Learn how web service, .NET class library, Java Beans, Enterprise Java Beans, or ActiveX interfaces can be used to create portals, web applications, and other business solutions. Review the files you need to use to integrate a Verastream component interface into your web applications.