Rebuilding a Project

The build process generates the project files. If you change the project settings and properties, the project will be automatically rebuilt to incorporate those changes. Anytime you rebuild a project, the project files are overwritten from the starting point of the rebuild process.

During the testing of a project, you may rebuild a project many times. After you put the project into production, rebuilding a project may overwrite files you have modified. If you have modified the generated code, select to rebuild the project from the compiling project step. This compiles and deploys the project without overwriting your changes. However, if the model changed, you need to completely rebuild the project to pick up the changes in the model.

To rebuild a project:

  1. In Web Builder, select the project to rebuild and on the Project menu, click Rebuild to open the Rebuild Project dialog box.
  2. Select one of the processing steps as the starting point for the build. The processing steps vary depending on the type of project you are rebuilding.
  3. Click Build.

During the rebuild process, Web Builder detects any modified files and creates a backup folder in the project folder. Depending on the type and scope of your modifications, you can select to: