Procedures and Model Features

Note: This information applies to current projects for Web services, Java beans, EJBs, and .NET class libraries, Java and .NET Web applications, and ASP procedure-based applications. It also applies to Java and .NET procedure-based Web applications created with a 6.0 or earlier version of Web Builder.

See Support for Existing Projects and Upgrading from Verastream Host Integrator 6.0 to 6.5 for more information if you have existing Web Builder projects.

Use the options on this pane to configure the following elements for your Web Builder project:

Model procedures and tables

To exclude procedures from a generated application, on the right pane, select the procedures you want to exclude from the list of all visible tables and their associated procedures. Selecting a table automatically selects all the procedures associated with that table. You can also choose to exclude individual procedures. You can clear the Procedure checkbox to include all associated procedures.

Model features

Execute SQL statement

Select this option to have the Web application provide the user with the option of performing a query by typing in an SQL statement. To use this feature, the procedure must be configured as available for SQL queries.

ProcessString event handler

Select this option so a user will be able to provide a string for a Process String event handler on the Web application. With this option you can test for a process string event handler that you have created within the Design Tool.