ASP Procedure-Based Web Application Properties

Select ASP Procedure-based Web Application in the Project Properties dialog box to configure:

Method timeout
Specifies how long to wait for a method to complete before timing out. The default is 30 seconds.

Specifies the locale (or language) that the generated files use to communicate with the Host Integrator Server. Change this setting only if you provide locale-specific resources or files for the Host Integrator Server. The default uses the current operating system locale.

Require username and password
Specifies whether generated Web applications use Host Integrator security to connect to the host. If you select this option, users are prompted for a valid user ID and password when a Web Builder project attempts to connect to the host.

Allow SQL queries
Provides a left navigation bar selection for users to create their own SQL queries to tables in the model. Clear this check box if you do not want users to create SQL queries.