Host Integrator Implementation Options

What is the host data that is to be integrated into another environment or application?

If at all possible, plan on building a table that represents the host data in a way that can be queried through an SQL statement.

Does the data presentation and logic of the host data as presented on the web differ from the host application itself? If not, a simple rejuvenation may be sufficient.

Will the host data be presented on a web page for customers or users?

What is the web presentation technology? Know the requirements and the environment where the host data will be used. If you're not integrating the data with other applications, a simple rejuvenation of the host application may be sufficient. Otherwise, you should plan on setting up tables and procedures so that an external application, such as a web service, has access to the host data. This decision has a direct impact on how your build your model.

Know the development requirements for the external application.

Host Integrator provides APIs for integrating host data through SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Web Services, EJB, COM, and .NET. For a quick implementation, many of these options can be generated using Host Integrator's Web Builder.