Using Host Integrator Components

Verastream® Host Integrator includes a variety of development and runtime components to integrate host data into web applications or other client/server applications. This summary describes how you will use the primary Host Integrator components.

Design Tool - model the host application

With the Design Tool, a developer creates a model of the host application by navigating through host screens and then building tables and procedures that encapsulate host functionality. The Design Tool includes host emulation, advanced pattern recognition, intelligent screen navigation, debugging and testing tools, and utilities to create the tables and procedures that can make host data available to web-based applications.

The Design Tool runs on a Windows platform and requires the ability to connect to the host via a Telnet, Telnet Extended, or NS/VT connection. You can deploy the host application model to the Host Integrator Server from within the Design Tool.

Web Builder - build a new web or client/server application

After the host application's functionality has been encapsulated in a model, a developer can use the Web Builder to generate a web-based application or a component interface based on that model.

You can quickly and easily generate and deploy a web application or component interface, such as a web service, JavaBeans, or .NET component based on the procedure of a host application model created with the Design Tool. You can handle projects ranging from simple rejuvenation to full integration. The Web Builder can auto-generate web pages that are not dependent on the appearance or flow of the host application.

You can also use Host Integrator connectors to extend the functionality of applications generated with the Web Builder.

Host Integrator Connectors - create web application or client/server interfaces

The Verastream Host Integrator connectors provide interfaces that allow developers to connect to the Host Integrator Server to manage host connections and sessions, and to read data from and write data to fields. These connectors can be used alone or in combination with applications generated with the Web Builder. When the host application data has been encapsulated in tables and procedures, a developer can create web applications without having to know the details of the host application.

Verastream Host Integrator offers the following connectors:

Host Integrator Server - provide host data access for client applications

The Host Integrator Server system provides seamless integration of host application data and business logic into client/server and web applications. When deployed as a runtime server, the Host Integrator Server supports multi-tier client/server and web application architectures for concurrent access to host information systems by thousands of web application users.

Using the Host Integrator Server, a single web or client/server application can concurrently access data on a variety of host systems, including IBM mainframes and compatibles using the 3270 and TN3270E terminal protocols, IBM AS/400 systems using the 5250 terminal protocol, VAX/OpenVMS, Solaris, and other ASCII hosts using the VT-420 terminal protocol (including VT-52 and VT-100), and HP 3000 hosts, using the 700/92 terminal protocol via Telnet or NS/VT.

Administrative WebStation - review server information

Administrators can use the browser-based Administrative WebStation to remotely view and configure Host Integrator Security, Servers, Directory Services, and Domains. An administrator can connect to any server on the network using the Administrative WebStation.

Although you can configure settings in the Administrative WebStation, you deploy Host Integrator models and associated files to one or more servers using deployment packages. You can combine model files and their programming libraries, along with model class information, to a Verastream server.

AADS - set up security and failover

Authentication Authorization and Directory Services (AADS) provides security and directory services and tracks servers and domains for Host Integrator installations. Administrators can install and configure more than one AADS to establish seamless failover of services in the event of a server failure.

Modeling and Debugging Tools

In addition to the debug tools included within the Design Tool, Verastream Host Integrator has other testing and debugging utilities.

Model Debug Messages, Session Monitor, and Log Viewer - monitor and debug host sessions
Model debug message recording provides detailed information for diagnosing problems such as synchronization by providing a review of a model interacting with a terminal datastream. The Host Integrator Session Monitor is a debugging tool that provides developers and administrators a view of host sessions connecting from Host Integrator Servers in real time. With the Host Integrator Log Viewer, developers and administrators can securely perform detailed queries against the Host Integrator Log Manager. You can run this utility from any host on the network.

Host Emulator - test an application without a host connection
The Host Emulator is a browser-based tool that allows you to run 3270 and 5250 models created with the Host Integrator Design Tool without having a live connection to a host. After creating a model using the Design Tool, a developer can load it in the Host Emulator and play it back to test your client or web application without being connected to the host.