LDAP Overview

Host Integrator's Authentication Authorization and Directory Services (AADS) can be configured to use LDAP as a directory service provider. When you configure an LDAP provider in the Console, user and group directory services for AADS clients (The Administrative WebStation, Host Integrator Servers, and data objects) are authenticated by an LDAP service provider.

Note: When you configure AADS to use LDAP, the group configurations on the AADS server as well as the LDAP server or servers must be identical or AADS will not be able to authenticate.

There are performance implications to using LDAP. Because each request for services goes across the network to the LDAP server every time services are requested, your LDAP configuration should be optimally configured to respond quickly to requests from AADS clients.

For complete information on the LDAP parameters required for AADS to use LDAP, please refer to your LDAP server documentation.