How To Work with the Administrative WebStation

Use the Administrative WebStation to configure and monitor servers, security, and domains. If you are not yet familiar with Host Integrator concepts, read the Host Integrator overview.

Follow these general procedures for working with the Administrative WebStation:

  1. If you need to configure security for Host Integrator servers, you should set this up first.

  2. Configure the servers registered with the currently selected directory server. These servers are listed in the navigation tree under Host Integrator Servers.

    Note: The Max Concurrent Sessions setting needs to match the number of Host Integrator Server licenses purchased by your organization
  1. After you configure the servers, you can add and configure domains.

After you have configured Host Integrator security, servers, and domains, you can use the Administrative WebStation to monitor your Host Integrator installation, create and view log files, and start and stop servers.

For more information, see: