Getting Started

Host Integrator Product Overview

Host Integrator Server Kit

A suite of applications used to deploy applications created with the Host Integrator Development Kit. It includes the following components:

Host Integrator Development Kit

Provides developers with the tools to model and build applications that integrate legacy application information. It includes the following components:

Web Browser Requirements

You need a Web browser to use the following Host Integrator components:

To run these components, you need:

Note: You may need to install a Java plug-in.

The Verastream Help and the Administrative WebStation require the following capabilities to be enabled on your browser:

For detailed installation instructions, see the Verastream Host Integrator Installation Guide, available from the Start menu.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The Host Integrator Server, Administrative WebStation, and AADS run on the following platforms:

In addition, the machine running the server should have at least 512 MB of RAM for the first 100 users, and an additional 64 MB of RAM for each additional 100 users.

Note: Host Integrator will use multiple processors (symmetric multi-processing, or SMP) when available. Intel processors that incorporate Hyper-Threading technology can be used with operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003) that support it.

The Administrative WebStation can run on any Web server, running on a UNIX or Windows platform, that has a servlet runner. A Web server and servlet runner are included with Host Integrator Server and are installed by default when you install the WebStation. Review About Servlet Runners and Host Integrator for more information.