Server Status

To view status information for a Host Integrator Server, click Server Status under the server's name in the Administrative WebStation navigation tree. The following information is displayed in the Server Status panel:

Server Startup Time

Specifies the date and time the server was last started.

Host Session Threads (Windows only)

Specifies the number of threads the Windows platform server dedicates to processing host session activity.

Server Processes (UNIX only)

Specifies the number of processes, or instances of the Host Integrator Server, currently running on the machine where the server is installed. For more details, see server processes.

Total Number of Sessions

Specifies the total number of session pool sessions connected to the host based on the minimum count configured for all the session pools, plus any sessions connected to the model directly. The Maximum concurrent sessions setting is configured on the Server Properties panel.

Active Sessions

The number of active sessions currently running on the server. On the Administrative WebStation navigation tree under Server Status, click Active Sessions to view a detailed list of active sessions.