SNMP Properties

In the SNMP Properties panel, you can configure your Host Integrator Server to use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). For information, see the Host Integrator SNMP feature.

To configure SNMP Properties:

  1. Log on to the Administrative WebStation using an Administrator profile and switch to configure mode.

  2. In the Administrative WebStation navigation tree, click the name of the Host Integrator Server you want to configure, and then click Server Configuration.

  3. In the navigation tree, click Server Configuration, click SNMP Configuration, and then click SNMP Properties.

  4. Configure the options in this panel, and then click Submit or Save. SNMP Properties are described next.

About SNMP Properties

The items in this panel allow the configuration of Host Integrator's SNMP system to suit the requirements of an individual organization.

Enable SNMP

Check this box to have the Host Integrator Server maintain use statistics and generate SNMP traps for selected events. If you wish to deactivate SNMP, while maintaining other aspects of its configuration, clear this item.


Enter the UDP port number you wish the Host Integrator SNMP agent to use to service SNMP GETs for statistical data. The default port number is 161.

SNMP Trap Destinations

If you plan to use SNMP traps, enter their destinations in this item. Enter one fully-qualified domain name or IP address per line, of each Network Management Station (NMS) that you wish to receive traps. Traps are sent to UDP port 162 of each address listed in this item.

Seconds between duplicate traps

When identical, duplicate, trap-generating events occur rapidly within the Host Integrator Server, a buffering mechanism is used to prevent network saturation. The first occurrence of an event is reported immediately, while future occurrences, as well as the occurrence count, are not reported until the configured time has elapsed. Enter a duration of time, in seconds, that the Host Integrator Server should wait before sending duplicate event traps to configured trap recipients. By default, this option is set to 5 seconds. Enter an amount between 0 and 65535 seconds.

Specifying the Events that Generate SNMP Traps

To specify the Host Integrator events that generate SNMP traps, click Log Messages under SNMP Configuration in the Administrative WebStation navigation tree.