Working with Model Variables

When you build a model in the Host Integrator Design Tool, you can create model variables, which are placeholders for data. Situations where model variables are useful include:

You can accomplish these tasks by configuring your session pools to provide values for the model variables in the models in your session pools. To use the value for all sessions in a pool, configure an individual model variable. If you need to provide a unique model variable value for each session in the pool, create a model variable list that contains a set of values for the model variables in the model on which your session pool is based.

Note: When the data object provides a value for a model variable, it overrides any model variable values that have been assigned in the Administrative WebStation.

For more information about creating model variables in the Design Tool, search for "Model variable" in the Development Kit Reference.

Using Individual Model Variables

Values for individual model variables are associated with session pools. To configure an individual model variable:

  1. Log on to the Administrative WebStation using the Administrator profile and switch it to configure mode.

  2. Create a session pool, if you have not already done so.

  3. In the navigation tree, under the name of your session pool, click Model Variables.

  4. In the Model Variables panel, click Add Variable, which adds a row to the Model Variables table.

  5. In the Model Variable Name column, select the variable you want to work with. By default, all models have the variables user ID and password. The model you're working with may have additional variables; these were designated when the model was created in the Design Tool.

  6. In the Model Variable Value column, enter the value you want to provide for this variable. This value will override the default value for this variable specified in the model.
    Note: The model variable value you provide here will be used for all sessions in the session pool. If you want to provide a unique value for each session, create a model variable list.

  7. If you do not want the value of this variable to be displayed in the Administrative WebStation when the Administrative WebStation is in view mode, select the check box in the Do not show this variable's value column. These variables are encrypted. This corresponds to Encrypt value in the Design Tool.

    Note: The variable's value will be displayed when the Administrative WebStation is in configure mode, regardless of this setting.

  8. Click Submit or Save.