E-mail Notification

Host Integrator Servers can be configured to send e-mail notification of Server events to a list of recipients. Use the E-mail Notification Panel to enable and configure e-mail notification and generate a test message.

To enable and configure e-mail Notification:

  1. Log on to the Administrative WebStation using an Administrator profile and switch to configure mode.

  2. In the navigation tree under the name of the Server you want to configure, click E-mail Configuration, and then click E-mail Notification.

  3. Select the Enable E-mail Notification check box. This configures the currently selected Server to generate e-mail messages whenever an event specified in the E-mail Messages panel occurs.

  4. In the E-mail Address from which messages are sent box, enter a single, valid e-mail address. This option specifies the e-mail address from which event notification messages will be sent.

  5. In the E-mail address to which messages are sent box, enter one or more valid e-mail addresses, pressing [Enter] after each address you enter. This puts each address on its own line.

  6. The E-mail server IP address box specifies the name or IP address of the mail server to which event notification messages should be sent. Enter a valid IP address or a valid network name.

  7. The E-mail server port box specifies the port used by the mail server you specified in step 4. Most mail servers use port 25.

  8. The Subject field of the notification message box specifies the subject line for event notification messages. By default, this option is set to Host Integrator Server Error Notification.

  9. The Text added to the event in the body of the notification message box specifies a message to be sent along with event notification messages. This option is not required, and is blank by default. It can contain up to 255 characters, and will be the first line of all messages that are sent.

  10. After configuring event notification, click Submit or Save.

Now that you've configured e-mail notification, you can send a test message to verify that your configuration is correct. To do this, click Test Message. The Administrative WebStation does not report whether the test message was successful; the receipt of the test message is your indication that the settings you have entered are correct.

After you verify the configuration, click E-mail Messages in the navigation tree to specify which events generate e-mail notification messages.