Adding, Removing, and Configuring Domains

If the Administrative WebStation is in configure mode, you can add, remove, and configure domains.

To Add and Configure a Domain:

  1. In the Administrative WebStation navigation tree, click Domains under Host Integrator Setup.

  2. Above the navigation tree, click Add.

  3. The new domain is added to the navigation tree and is displayed in the panel. This domain is assigned a default name; to change it, select the name displayed in the panel, type the new name, and then click Submit.

  4. In the navigation tree under the domain you just created, click Domain Configuration, and then click Domain Servers.

  5. In the Domain Servers panel, click Add Server. A list of the servers associated with the currently selected directory server is displayed; select one or more servers to include in this domain, and then click Submit.

    Note: The order in which you select servers is the order in which they will be contacted. For more information, see Adding, Removing, and Configuring Domains.

  6. The server(s) you selected now appear in the Domain Servers panel, along with the peak load for each server and an indicator that tells you whether the server is currently active. Enter the appropriate peak load for each server, and then click Submit or Save. See the next section for information about peak load.

Determining Peak Load

The Peak Load is the maximum number of concurrent sessions a server can handle while maintaining acceptable performance. Host Integrator domains use this parameter to perform load balancing calculations; the higher the ratio between the number of current sessions on a server and its peak load, the more loaded a server is.

Every time a model or session request is made to the domain, the primary domain server obtains the current load from each server in the domain in order to load balance the request. The primary domain server then assigns the session to the least loaded server. All servers within a domain can handle load balancing duties, and as long as one server within a domain is active, the domain is active.

By default, peak load is set to 50, but you should set this number to a load that will give you the best performance.

For example, if you have 3 servers and set them all to have a peak load of 20, you could service 60 sessions and the load would be spread evenly across them. If you set the peak load to 10, 20,and 30 respectively, the system would still support 60 sessions. The server with a peak load of 10 would be assigned 1 client for every 2 assigned to the server with a peak load of 20. Similarly, the server with a peak load of 10 would be assigned 1 client for every 3 assigned to the server with a peak load of 30.

Removing Domains

To remove a domain, select it in the Administrative WebStation navigation tree, and then click Remove above the navigation tree.