Working with the Host Emulator

Using a web browser, you can connect to the Host Emulator from any computer that has network access to the machine where it's installed.

To use the Host Emulator to test your client application:

  1. If the model your application will use is not listed in the Models List, click Add Model to add the model you want to work with. After you add and configure the model, click Back to the list of models.

  2. If the model is not loaded on a Host Integrator Server that you can access, use the Host Integrator Administrative WebStation to load it. Verify that the port number for the model in the server configuration matches the port number specified for that model in the Host Emulator, and modify the Host Profile for the model to point to the machine where the Host Emulator is running.
    Note: For information about loading and configuring models on Host Integrator Servers, see the Administrative WebStation section of the Verastream Help.

  3. In the Host Emulator, open and start the model your client application will connect to.

At this point, applications that connect to the server and request this model will connect to the Host Emulator. You can test your application without connecting to the host.

Note: The Host Emulator cannot be used if you've created .hetrace files while being connected to a host using the Telnet Extended (TN3270E) transport type. For more information, see Using the Host Emulator.

Using the Trace Feature

The Host Emulator also allows you to trace the communication between your client application and the host.