Configuring Preferences

Use the Preferences panel to specify the location of the models you want to run from the Host Emulator. To configure the Preferences panel:

  1. If any models are currently open, navigate to the Models list and close them. Click Preferences.

  2. In the Preferences panel, enter the location of the model folder. The folder you specify in the Preferences panel must be accessible from the machine where the Host Emulator is running, which is not necessarily the machine from which you are using the Host Emulator.
    Note: Be sure to enter the correct path to the folder containing the models. For example, a path name such as C:\Models means that the folder containing the models is on the same machine as the Host Emulator. If the models are on a different machine, you must enter the fully qualified path name.

  3. The Start on Load option configures the Host Emulator to open all models configured to automatically start when you click the Host Emulator Start button. Select either Yes (the default) or No.

  4. Click Save.