Working with the Models List

The Host Emulator starts with the Models list displayed. To return to the Models list from other Host Emulator panels, click Back to the list of models. For each model in the list, the following information is displayed:

Name — The name of the model.

Port — The TCP port the model uses to communicate with client applications and the Host Integrator Server. This port must match the port specified for the model in the Host Integrator Server. For more information, see the Host Integrator Server online help.

Status — A model can be either open or closed. Models can be configured only when they are closed. They can connect to client applications and Host Integrator Servers when they are open.

Sessions — The number of sessions currently connected to the model.

Actions — Actions that can be performed on the model: Open/Close, View/Edit, Remove.


In the Models list, you can perform the following actions:

Open/Close — Opens or closes the model.

View/Edit — Allows you to view an open model's configuration or edit a closed model's configuration.

Remove — Removes a model from the Host Emulator's configuration.