Welcome to the Host Emulator Reference

The Verastream® Host Integrator (VHI) Host Emulator is a browser-based tool that allows you to run 3270 and 5250 models created with the Host Integrator Design Tool without having a live connection to a mainframe. Once you've created a model using the Design Tool and created a navigation file (.nav), you can load your model in the Host Emulator and play it back to simulate the host communication from which your models were created, allowing you to test your client or web application. The Host Emulator does not actually connect to the host.

The models you create and play back in the Host Emulator are static; they contain only the screens and data captured by the model. Although you can play back a model in the Host Emulator to test your client application's ability to navigate the host, you cannot test your client application's ability to update data on the host. For information about opening the Host Emulator from the Design Tool, see Using Host Emulator. Using master models can help you test your client applications more thoroughly.

If you need to make minor adjustments to a model offline, you also have the option to use Offline mode.

Note: Use Host Emulator with version 6.0 models only.