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Attachmate Verastream® Host Integrator provides an innovative approach to host systems integration and re-engineering, requiring no changes to the existing host systems and causing no interruption to the end-user operating environment. The Verastream Host Integrator Development Kit allows you to integrate host systems into client/server and World Wide Web applications more quickly than with traditional toolsets. New applications can be partitioned to support multi-tier client/server architecture and deployed across a wide variety of operating systems and hardware platforms.

The Verastream Host Integrator development process offers a low-risk evolutionary approach to host systems integration. Here are some topics to help you get started:

About Verastream Host Integrator Online Help

The Verastream Host Integrator Development Kit online help contains the complete documentation for the Host Integrator Development Kit and Host Integrator Server Kit. To browse the help, click the entries in the navigation tree in the left frame. To search the help, click the Search button above. To view a glossary of terms used in this reference, click the Glossary button above. This reference is divided into the following sections: