VT Newline

Selecting this check box causes Host Integrator to send both a carriage return and linefeed when you press Enter (known as new line mode). When Host Integrator receives a linefeed, form feed, or vertical tab, it moves the cursor to the first column of the next line. When this check box is left cleared (linefeed mode), the Return key sends only a carriage return. A linefeed, form feed, or vertical tab received from the host moves the cursor down one line in the current column.

If lines on the display is being overwritten (that is, the host is not sending a linefeed along with a carriage return), select this check box. If the New line check box is selected but the host does not expect to receive a linefeed with each carriage return, lines will be double-spaced on the display.

This setting reflects the current terminal state of VT New Line, which can be changed by the host. The associated default setting, saved with the model, is VT New Line Default.