Transport Type

This setting specifies the transport type being used to connect to the host. The transport types available are related to the selected terminal type. For this version of Host Integrator, the transport types include Telnet, Telnet Extended, Telnet SSL, Telnet Extended SSL, and NS/VT.

Telnet SSL
Telnet SSL support is available for 3270 and 5250 session types, and Telnet Extended SSL support is available for 3270 session types. SSL version 3 is used for this support. These Telnet options help you implement a connection between a host requiring this form of security and the Host Integrator Server. (To implement a secure connection between the client and the Host Integrator server, use the security options in the Administrative WebStation.)

Note: Encrypted private keys and public certificates are not supported.

Telnet and HP
If you are connecting to an HP terminal using Telnet as your transport type, use an event command such as WaitForNewHostScreen between HP TransmitTerminalKey commands in operations.

Telnet and Host Emulator
The Host Emulator cannot be used if you've created .hetrace files while connected to a host using the Telnet Extended (TN3270E) transport type.