Telnet Linemode

The Host Integrator supports line mode and faux line mode for Telnet connections. Line mode allows Host Integrator to store characters in a buffer until a carriage return is entered, upon which the characters are sent to the host in one packet (instead of sending each single character as an individual packet).

Line mode is useful for long network delays, and allows you to reduce costs on networks that charge on a per packet basis.

The Linemode list options are (don't do linemode) (default), RFC Compliant (meaning you have to have a host that supports line mode and it will get negotiated during connect), During Local Echo (do line mode when the host tells Host Integrator to do the echoing), When Not in SGA (do line mode when the host does not Suppress Go Ahead), Local Echo no SGA, and Always. All options other than RFC Compliant are known as "faux" line mode.