Status Bar Text

Specifies the string that appears in the Design Tool status bar. Select a predefined option from the list box, or enter up to 260 characters in the box. As you click the predefined options, shortcuts for these options are added to the box. The predefined options and their shortcuts are:

Shortcut Option
&r "Verastream Host Integrator"
&f Model File Name (or "Untitled" if a model file is not open)
&s Session Type
&t Transport Type
&h Host Name
&d Date
&c Connection Status (whether you are connected and over what transport)
&v Assigned Device Name
&& Single Ampersand
&p Script debugging port


So, for example, if you set the status bar text to &s - &t - &c, you will see "IBM 5250 Terminal - Telnet - Connected" in the Design Tool status bar.


The default is &s - &c.