Hosts File Name

Specifies the path to the Hosts file, which maps assigned node names to Internet addresses. The value is a string of up to 260 characters.

The purpose of this setting is to allow Host Integrator to find a list of hosts to populate the Host name or IP address list box in the Session Setup dialog box. When you start Host Integrator without a value for this setting, Host Integrator looks for the Hosts file in the same folder as Wsock32.dll. If you are using third-party TCP/IP software, your Hosts file may be in another location. Host Integrator searches for the Hosts file in this order:

When it finds a Hosts file, Host Integrator changes the value of this setting. If Host Integrator cannot find your Hosts file in any of those locations, the value of this field becomes blank. To locate a Hosts file on your PC, use the Browse button in the View Settings dialog box (while the Hosts File Name setting is selected in the Host Integrator settings list box) or use the operating system's Find feature.