Erase to End of Attribute for Attributes

Specifies whether or not the Host Integrator is instructed to concatenate as many spaces as necessary to make the length of the input match the length of the attribute or field. The default is No.

When writing an attribute value to an entity, there may or may not be a prefilled value from the host. If there is a prefilled value, just writing text to the screen will overwrite up to the length of the new data. If the old data is longer, the last few characters will be left behind, forming an odd input that was not intended. If this option is enabled, the Host Integrator fills in the remainder of the host field with spaces, thus "erasing" the left over prefilled value.

For example, if the first name for an account was "William" and the client called SetAttributes ( "FirstName", "Bill" ), the result without erase would be "Billiam". With the Erase to end of attribute selected, the result would be "Bill ", or just "Bill" to the host because it ignores trailing spaces (most hosts do because a terminal user "erases" things by typing spaces).